Name Type Weight
administrative rules & regulations Joint
advanced communications and information technology - joint Joint
aging, children and youth, legislative & military affairs House 10
agriculture, forestry & economic development Senate 10
agriculture, forestry & economic development House 10
agriculture- house small business & economic dev. subcom. NA
arkansas legislative black caucus NA
arkansas legislative council Joint 10
charitable, penal and correctional institutions Joint
children and youth committee Senate 10
city, county & local affairs committee Senate 10
city, county & local affairs committee House 10
claims Joint
claims review Joint
education committee Senate 10
education committee House 10
energy - joint Joint 10
executive subcommittee Joint
game & fish/state police Joint
higher education subcommittee Joint
hospital and medicaid study subcommittee Joint
house and rail subcommittee House
house aging subcommittee House
house agriculture, forestry & natural resources subcom. House
house children & youth subcom. House
house complaints and remediation subcom. House
house constitutional issues subcommittee House
house early childhood subcommittee House
house elections subcommittee House
house finance subcommittee House
house financial institutions subcommittee House
house health services subcommittee House
house higher education subcommittee House
house human services subcommittee House
house income taxes-personal & corporate subcom. House
house insurance subcommittee House
house k-12, vocational-technical institutions subcommittee House
house labor & environment subcommittee House
house leg., military & veterans affairs House
house local government personnel subcommittee House
house management House 10
house motor vehicle & highways subcom. House
house parks & tourism subcommittee House
house planning subcommittee House
house rules House 10
house sales, use, misc. taxes & exemptions subcom. House
house state agencies & reorgan. subcom House
house utilities subcommittee House
house waterways & aeronautics subcom. House
insurance & commerce Senate 10
insurance & commerce House 10
joint budget committee Joint 10
joint committee on constitutional amendments NA
joint performance review Joint
joint performance review - senate NA
judiciary committee Senate 10
judiciary committee House 10
legislative council alternates NA
legislative facilities Joint
legislative joint auditing Joint
litigation reports oversight subcommittee Joint
peer Joint
peer review Joint
personnel Joint
personnel Joint
policy making Joint
public health, welfare and labor committee Senate 10
public health, welfare and labor committee House 10
public retirement & social security programs-joint Joint
public school desegregation lawsuit resolution task force Task Force
public transportation House 10
revenue & tax Senate 10
revenue & taxation House 10
review Joint
senate efficiency Senate
senate rules, resolutions & memorials Senate
special language Joint 10
state agencies & govt'l affairs House 10
state agencies & govt'l affairs Senate 10
state agencies reorganization steering committee NA
task force on autism Task Force
task force on sickle cell disease Task Force
task force on substance abuse prevention Task Force
task force on substance abuse treatment services Task Force
transportation, technology & legislative affairs Senate