The most advanced bill tracking system in Arkansas.
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Track like the pros

LobbyUp was created by professional lobbyists as your back door into the halls of government. Think of it as your own personal lobbyist.

Real-time data

Our system pulls in data from the State every 10 minutes, ensuring that you are up to date on all bills, amendments, committee agendas and votes. All of your searches take place on our cloud based web servers, not on the State’s.

Intuitive Bill Tracking

Identify potentially harmful pieces of legislation as soon as they are filed. Our system allows you to track bills by keywords, legislator, committee, and code section. With mobile access to you tracks, you’ll never be caught without access to all of your bills.

Client Reporting

Let our system take up the task of sending legislative reports to your clients, automatically. You simply enter in the email addresses of your client contacts, set the time and frequency of your reports, and our system does the rest.

LiveTrack Web Apps

Display your tracking information for you clients or associations directly on their webpage, immensely adding value to an association membership or your lobbying services. Your clients can view the bills that you are tracking for them in real time.

Committed Votes

Being able to count votes is a must in this business. We’ve developed a system that ties the legislative roster to every bill you track, allowing you to record committed votes from legislators.


Do you ever wish that you had sports-like statistics from the legislature? Our system tells you who the hottest bill carriers and key swing votes are. Do you know which legislator was the most important swing vote last session? You’ll be surprised.

LobbyUp Directory for iOS

Need to talk to your legislator? Our free iPhone app contains a full legislative directory.

Simply tap on a face or name to open a legislator's full profile, then tap on their email or phone number for immediate contact.

Pro Subscription

Developed to meet the needs of professional lobbyists & firms.
Real time updates
Mobile device support
Full-text keyword searches
Client reporting
Text and email alerts
Committed vote counting
Multiple tracks
Bill orders
Archive access
Livetrack application
Keyword highlighting
Client profile

Join LobbyUp

We track the issues & lawmakers that matter to you, so you know when and how to make your voice heard.

As professional lobbyists, we know how difficult keeping track of state government can be. The sheer number of bills introduced in each legislative session is only one hurdle. The process itself can make it difficult for anyone outside of professional politics to get a handle on things. That's where we come in.

Lobby Up is a backdoor into the halls of government — your government.

Experience you can trust

We believe that relationships are the key to handling any issues with public policy, which is why LobbyUp was built to help you manage relationships with your legislators & clients.

Lobby Up is owned and operated by Phillips Management and Consulting Service, one of the most respected and experienced lobbying firms in Little Rock. Father and son team Bill and Bradley Phillips have more than 30 years of combined experience in tracking and influencing the actions of state government. Lobby Up is the online extension of that insight and skill.

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